Defense Acquisitions Made Easy

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Acquisition Strategy Main Elements [1]

  1. Business Strategy: Address the main contracting approach, including contract types; how competition will be sought, promoted, and sustained; source selection procedures, provisions, and sources; product support considerations; and leasing arrangements.
  2. Contracting Strategy: Explain and, to the extent necessary, provide the analysis and rationale for the contracting strategy. Justify the use of fixed-price or cost-plus vehicles. Explain why the incentives provided were chosen and why there is confidence that they will successfully motivate the contractor to provide the performance desired by the government.
  3. Major Contract(s): Identify the number and type of contracts, deliverable items, options, exit criteria, contracting plan (competitive versus sole source and future down-select options), along with any other considerations.
  4. Incentives: For each major contract, describe the contract incentives in detail. State how contract incentives are going to be employed to achieve required cost, schedule, and performance outcomes. If more than one incentive is planned for a contract, the Technology Development Strategy (TDS) and Acquisition Strategy should explain how the incentives complement each other and do not interfere with one another.
  5. Technical Data Management: The strategy for Acquisition Category (ACAT) I and II programs shall assess the long-term technical data needs for the system and reflect that assessment in both the TDS and the acquisition strategy.
  6. Sustainment: The acquisition strategy should provide an overview of the sustainment-related contract(s) and performance-based agreements, with government and industry providers describing how the integrated product support package will be acquired for the system being supported. The discussion should include the contract/agreement and length, along with major terms and conditions; performance measures being used; and the portion of the system covered with the associated sustainment-related functions, plus hardware and data covered in each contract/agreement.

Template: DoD Acquisition Strategy Template – 20 April 2011

STATUTORY for Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) at Milestone A; Converse Unisex Taylor Chuck Green Sneaker Hi Classic Grã¼n REGULATORY for all other program types at all marked events including MDAPs after Milestone A.

STATUTORY requirements that must be addressed in the Acquisition Strategy include:

The Acquisition Strategy should also:

Table of Content (Notional)

  1. Purpose and Program Description
  2. Capability Need
  3. Acquisition Approach
  4. Tailoring
  5. Program Schedule
  6. Risk Areas and Design Considerations
  7. Business Strategy
  8. Cost and Funding
  9. Resource Management
  10. International Involvement
  11. Industrial Capability and Manufacturing Readiness
  12. Life-Cycle Signature Support
  13. Military Equipment Valuation
  14. Hi Taylor Sneaker Chuck Green Unisex Classic Grã¼n Converse Test Strategy
  15. Identification of Participants in Acquisition Plan Preparation


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Updated: 5/22/2018

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