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12 937
2 461
Editorial offices
Press offices
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What company provides its services to nearly all top Polish sports clubs and associations? A sports equipment provider? A supplements producer? A sports drink manufacturer? Nothing of the sort! It’s Accredito.com, a unique system offering tools for press offices and media communication.
Mustang Unisex 306 306 Kids Unisex Kids 5803 Mustang 5803 306 Mustang Unisex 5803 Application of IT solutions in the assistance of sports journalists turned out to be a bull’s eye. The chaos is gone, and no one wants to remember how it used to be. No wonder that the company is cooperating with almost all Polish sports clubs, and more and more are interested in this solution. Management of accreditations is one of many features of Accredito.
With a single account on Accredito.com, a journalist has an immediate access to numerous press offices and can easily manage his or her accreditation requests, as well as gain crucial information. Press offices benefit too. Not only do they get a professional tool designed to complete their everyday tasks, but also, thanks to a central database, they can easily expand increase the number of subscribers.

Effective and proven verification system

Journalist sets up a free account

The account is activated automatically. The journalist is registered in the system as a “Freelancer”.

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Editorial office sets up a free account

The account is activated after Accredito.com team verifies the provided information.

Journalist chooses his editorial office

5803 306 Mustang Unisex Kids Mustang Unisex Kids Mustang 5803 5803 306 306 Unisex The journalist subscribes to selected editorial offices registered on Accredito.com.

Editorial office verifies the journalist

The journalist’s application is subject to verification by the editorial office. When the application is verified, the journalist may then submit requests as a media representative associated with the selected editorial office at Accredito.com.

Press office gains reassurance

Mustang 306 Unisex Unisex Kids Mustang Kids 306 Mustang 5803 5803 5803 Unisex 306 The press office communicates and cooperates with verified journalists and editorials.

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Access all journalists registered in the global database
Configure and manage accreditation processes easily
Grant accreditations on the basis of 100% verified data
Print IDs for all journalists with a single click
5803 306 306 5803 Unisex Unisex 306 Kids Mustang Mustang Unisex 5803 Mustang Kids Use automatic notifications to save time
Manage and expand your journalist database
Send and schedule press releases
Unisex 5803 306 Unisex Kids 5803 5803 306 Mustang Kids Mustang Unisex 306 Mustang 306 Unisex 306 Mustang 306 Mustang 5803 5803 Kids Kids Mustang Unisex Unisex 5803 Receive detailed statistics of your press releases
306 Kids 5803 Unisex Mustang Mustang 306 Mustang 5803 5803 Kids 306 Unisex Unisex Create a multimedia database with no limits
Manage calendars with an option of synchronization
Set up interviews and meetings using a management system
Use messenger to communicate with journalists and other press officers
Integrate your press office with an official Twitter account
Full access for only $399 per month

Journalists can join editorial offices
Head of the editorial office can manage the accreditations of his journalists
Determine accreditation rules for your journalists
Press officers gain reassurance that all journalists taking part in an accreditation process are verified by their editorial offices
Easy communication with journalists via an internal messenger
Easy way to cooperate with international journalists with an access to a global journalist database
Access to a media agency where editorial offices can sell and buy photos, videos and other files
Editorial office account is completely free!
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Gain access to all press offices
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Join accreditation processes
Subscribe to press releases
Join editorial offices
Communicate with press officers and other users
Access multimedia database
Set up your interviews via Accredito.com
Private calendar integrated with Google Calendar, iOS and Outlook
Access the calendars of press offices and integrate them with your personal calendar
Integrate your account with Twitter
Use the system in one of the six languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Polish
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306 Unisex Mustang Unisex 5803 Mustang 306 5803 5803 Kids Mustang Unisex Kids 306
By using the Accredito.com system, both the press offices and the journalists alike will benefit in terms of significant time savings during the implementation of accreditation processes. With a rich set of functionalities, Accredito.com allows you to run the press office communications using a single tool. Football
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Izabela Kruk

Spokesperson, Legia Warsaw

Accredito.com is an innovative solution for clubs, sports organizations and journalists themselves. It allows any accreditation processes to be conducted quickly and easily, as well as provides the opportunity to communicate effectively with the media. The functionalities offered by the system are certainly an attractive solution for spokespersons and communications departments’ employees. eSports
The system of Accredito.com fully satisfies needs of KSW press office. Its functionality allows an easy access to the journalist’s database and to carry out even advanced accreditation processes. It’s a perfect solution for the office administrators as well as for the journalists. MMA

Sports Startup Project award winner on SportBiz 2017

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